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  4 x 4 Rack & Pinion

This is our new 4x 4 CNC plasma with rapids over 500 ipm.

We use 25mm rail and carriage bearings, which can hold thousands of pounds; it will stay in very tight tolerances, and can last up to a lifetime on each of the axes--unlike other plasma brands that use skate or groove bearings. If you want to hold precise cuts, these models will need to be adjusted often. 

Our CNC plasma is manufactured using 15mm wide rack and pinion out of harden steel, while other brands sometimes use plastic or narrow gear racks. Some use belts on their machines, which can be easily damaged by hot slag falling on them. 

Our Z axis has a lock down, which can be removed to operate as a floating head for your plasma jobs as well. 

X&Y&Z has 25mm rail & carriages; X = 50 inch; Y = 50 inch; Footprint 60" x 60".Options:

Our CNC plasma has several buying options: (1) table only. (2) include the Gecko and 48v power supply. (3) include the Gecko and 48v power supply installed in a Console.

We've built one of the best and strongest 4x4 plasma tables! Because some buyers have different preferences, we left some items off the plasma table; such as legs, since some buyers want a table top assembly. And, we don't include a water table due to shipping difficulties. The water table is easy to make yourself; or you can have a local heating and cooling business make one for you. Also, if we include a water table, we have to ship by commercial trucking, which can make shipping costs three times higher. 

We have a Facebook news group for Geometric Robotics (GR3) CNC Systems. This group brings GR3 owners and potential buyers together, contributing their thoughts, ideas and uses for their machines, while also sharing their mods and projects as well. You can request to join this group at: FaceBook

Included when adding electronics: stepper motors and connectors, 35' wire.



Work area  60 x 60


Maximum cutting area:


X = 50 inch


Y = 50 inch


25mm rigid rail and carriage bearing ways on X, Y, Z


16 mm C7 anti backlash rolled high tolerance ball screws on Z axis

Shipping USA $275.00
Shipping Canada or Mexico $375.00