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The XML file for Mach3 and manual for controller is in download below. Place the XML file in C:/Mach3 and use the Mach3 loader to load XML file that was in your download. You may need to set the printer port address to match your computer address. The XML file has all the settings for your cnc. The port address in Mach3 is the LPT port on your computer. Try the stock port settings first before you change it. Anything else you need don't hesitate to ask.

Full Video of our Commercial 2x4 assembly

We receive steppers with different wires sometimes. So follow the color of wires for your stepper below to find you A+ A- B+ B- .

Stepper Motors

4 wire motor = Red = A+, Blue = A-, Green = B+, Black = B-

4 wire motor = Red = A+, Green = A-, Yellow = B+, Blue = B-

6 wire motor = Black = A+, Green = A-, Red = B+, Blue = B- and tape off other two don't let short out.

Stepper Controls

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Download file for setup on computer


Download file for setup on computer